Royal Falcon and Bluebonnet

Pensacola Beach, FL; Jan 28-30, 2011;

As Baha’i summer school season gets underway, this may be a good opportunity to recap the great time we had at the Alabama & Northwest Florida regional winter school in late January and at the Texas Bluebonnet Conference in February.

The Royal Falcon Baha’i School, as the regional school in Pensacola Beach, FL, is called, was as majestic as its name! The group gathered there was vibrant and friendly and ready to study, which they did intensively but tirelessly! Mr. Hooper Dunbar was the presenter, and he went through an excellent compilation of writings from Shoghi Effendi that he talks about in his book Forces of Our Time. Read about it on the school’s website and see photos on Facebook by clicking the photo and/or link above.

The bookstore manager sweetly included Hasten Forth in her presentation to school attendees about the book selection she had stocked, but it wasn’t because the book creators were involved in organizing the school! :) Thank you, Dianne!

Austin Convention Center, Feb. 19, 2011;

Texas Bluebonnet Conference was a joy as well, in equal parts owing to the program as well as friends and family who attended. These sweet souls helped shop for the table decor, haul the stuff from the car at the loading dock, set up the display early morning and break it down late at night, and manned the booth whenever I needed to visit the ladies’ room. They were also my best salespeople, bringing friends and even strangers to check out the books and helping me answer inquiries when the crowds got hectic during breaks from the sessions! Thank you, Homa and Roya! :)

Thanks to this conference, we bought table cloths and flower vases and book racks to make an attractive display! My favorite new book seller tool, however, is the Intuit GoPayment mobile app! I was able to charge conference goers’ credit cards with my iPhone!!!!

I found the app too late to have the card swiper in time for Bluebonnet, and I still have yet to use it, but keying in the credit card information (none of which is stored in the hand-held device) was easy enough! I know it probably made a big difference in who was able to get the book because not many people carry cash these days.

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