Happy Birth of Bahá’u’lláh!

Today, November 12, is the anniversary of the Birth of Bahá’u’lláh, the Prophet-Founder of the Bahá’i Faith.

For this special occasion, the Hasten Forth team has a gift for each of you:

FREE SHIPPING for a limited time on orders within the United States.

We are celebrating many things that finally signal the complete roll out of the Hasten Forth campaign.

First, there is this article about the history behind the idea and making of the book: http://www.bahai.us/hastenforthbook

Second, the book is showcased on this über cool website that I check regularly to see what new designs and talented designers are out there: http://www.designthefaith.com/2010/hasten-forth/

Third, we’ll be attending the Divine Art of Living conference in San Diego at the end of November, in which we’re facilitating a workshop. It will be based on our learning about eliciting purposeful, elevated conversations with people in such natural settings as the home. Our study of this topic has revealed fascinating information. It seems that the age-old practice of visiting people in their homes is so time honored because it works–serving multiple functions in community life… Stay tuned!

Please accept our gift of free shipping and consider ordering copies as gifts for your loved ones and acquaintances to “pay it forward.”

Click here to order. The special offer will last through November. We really want as many people as possible to get a copy of the book and starting putting it to good use.

About Gigi&Anis

We're the creators of the book Hasten Forth, or more like the book has helped recreate us. We call our company Make It Just Creations. There are big dreams and visions for the book and the company, but right now we are new at this and still gaining experience.
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  1. Hasten Forth says:

    RT @hastenforth: Happy Birth of Bahá’u’lláh! http://bit.ly/c9VVe6 Special offer for a limited time only to celebrate…

  2. Hello Gigi and Anis,

    I discovered your book and you on the U.S.Baha’i web site, and included links to both your story and your book in my Holy Day blog post on my blog Luminous Realities: Exploring the Creative Process. Thanks so much for this beautiful work!

    I purchased a book for my son (who worked at the World Center) and his wife for their recent anniversary, as well as one for myself, as I think it may be useful in my personal writing research. All the best to you both.

    Druzelle Cederquist

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