Graceful integration of the arts

This past weekend, the Hasten Forth team was at yet another gathering of people on fire with getting serious about advancing civilization.

Even though this particular group wasn’t focused primarily on the arts like the Wings to the Spirit Conference, we ran into artists nonetheless! In coming posts, we’ll tell you a little bit about some of these talented individuals and their projects.

At this seminar we studied the need for humankind to order its affairs, taking a modern perspective that brought out new insights about systems of governance of the past and that holds promise for the future. One neat aspect of the course of study was that we focused on the document on which Hasten Forth is based: Shoghi Effendi’s message “The Dispensation of Bahá’u’lláh found in the compilation titled World Order of Bahá’u’lláh. In a future post we’ll write a bit more about what we have learned over the years about this monumental document.

For this week’s post we’ll leave you with two videos, one shown at the Wings to the Spirit Conference and the other shot there.

Video from the conference: This one is a bit… rustic. This was the “official” announcement of the Hasten Forth project. It was captured with a cellphone camera and started a few seconds late. We went back and forth about whether to post it, and in the end its redeeming qualities won out.  If you’re wondering why the speaker is glancing behind her, it is because there was an accompanying PowerPoint presentation to introduce the distinguishing features and mission of Hasten Forth. We plan to post those slides for you in the coming days.

(If you’re wondering what was said in the beginning that was cut off, you can refer to our previous post about the primacy of Bahjí)

Video shown at the conference: beautiful and moving, yet simple and clear, portrayal of the words of the Universal House of Justice that calls upon artists all around the world to use their crafts and energies to help serve their communities: “A graceful integration of the arts into diverse activities enhances the surge of energy that mobilizes the believers.” (27 December 2005)

Graceful Integration of the Arts from Tutulia on Vimeo.

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